Terms of Service

Upon donating you agree that you are NOT purchasing anything, you are donating to the community & receiving benefits as a token of appreciation. We are a non-profit organization, all donations go towards bettering the community in one way or another.
Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Initiating a chargeback on PayPal will result in a permanent ban from ALL servers & the website.
We keep detailed logs & records of donations to ensure that chargebacks will always be settled in our favour.
You understand that donations are not automatic and may take up to 24 hours to be processed, but are usually made in 1-4
Failure to contact the owner or a staff member about your donation is not our fault. You must contact someone after donating to confirm your donation & receive benefits (IF we see fit)
Again, you are NOT buying anything, you are kindly donating your money to our community. We may refuse to give you anything in return if we have reason to..
We are not responsible for any unclaimed donation benefits, you are responsible for contacting us or leaving your SteamID in the donation's notes.
Donating does not give you any immunity or special authority in the event that you are punished.
Abuse or misuse of your rank can & WILL result in a demotion with no refunds